6 Super Fast Police Cars in the World

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Italian police smiled happily when they are rewarded with a supercar Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia in 2008. The car is capable of accelerating to a speed of 326 km / hour. Motortrend.com

Dubai police using luxury car Aston Martin One-77 as their official vehicle since April yesterday. . Car costing nearly U.S. $ 2 million (approximately USD 19.5 billion) is capable of accelerating to a speed of 321 km / hour. Perfectioner.com
In 2006, a Dutch car company Spyker, the Dutch police with car sponsor their supercar, the C8 Spyder. This car can reach the speed of 300 km / hour. Spykerowner.com

Superpower United States does not want to lose. They also equip them with the police car high speed production of General Motors, Cadillac CTS-V. The car is capable of accelerating to a speed of 262 km / hour. Bbc.co.uk

In 2011, the British police in the West Midlands to get additional ammunition in the form of supercars Lotus Evora. This car can drive up to speed 257 km / hour. Nfsunlimited.net

Police in Britain are lucky enough because it is equipped with a special car, the Ford Focus ST estate. How not, the car is capable of accelerating to a speed of 247 km / hours.


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