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Of course, the experience can be frustrating if you 're driving a car while stuck flooding and Strike ! ! !Therefore , when crossing a puddle of water is high enough , you need to be more vigilant and implement workable driving style and extra careful and to resolve it please follow the following tips and tricks so that you will not find fatal situation while driving through the floods .
1 . Turn off the ACWhen crossing the flood should not be turned to reduce the air conditioning load engine performance and prevent a short circuit in the electrical system of the car , but after going through high water , air conditioning can be switched on again . Turn back the time when you hear the squeaking sounds of the V belt that is exposed to the water but do not worry because within seconds the sound will disappear .
2 . Perform half clutch and Dental LowestTo prevent the engine does not die on half clutch manual transmission resistant and gas exaggerated cars up to 2,500 rpm . The action can minimize the water that goes into the engine through the exhaust or air filter hole .And those who use automatic transmission cars are driving on the lowest gear on the " 1 " or " L " to stabilize the spin machine .
3 . Avoid Puddle Too HighPreferably when the car crossed the flood position slightly to the middle of the road because usually puddles on the part usually is the lowest , given on the left and right of the road where there is usually a puddle of water channels is quite high . However, if the water level is almost half of your car directly to avoid the road to avoid a strike or fatal damage to your vehicle .
4 . Perform BrakingIf the car had crossed the puddle and the brake disc surface gets wet so it can reduce braking distance on your car .To dry the surface around the brakes and brake performance returns , doing about 2 hinga braking gently 3 times . For security reasons you this needs to be done to ensure that your car brakes still function properly .
5 . Eliminate pungent odor ( stale )If water gets into a car when crossing the flood , it must be dried immediately so as not to cause a pungent odor ( musty ) because in addition to preventing damage to some components in your car , if you do not have time to do their own car , take it to your favorite salon .

6 . Washing underPreferably after passing through a puddle spray to clean the bottom of your car to prevent rust due to rain water tends to have a high degree of oxidation that can lead to a rapid rust on your car .
Driving past the tips thus flooding and Handling of us may be useful ...


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