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Acura NSX 2015 It Can Be Ordered

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Honda has revived Acura as their premium brand in the segment of top-class sport. Acura NSX 2015 to become one of the flagship models. The Japanese sports sedan has a very tempting and so modern.

Reported Worldcarfans, Friday (19/04/2013) bearing the manufacturer 'H' is to make sure this car will be officially launched in the next two years. But the sport sedan that was offered and has opened up orders for customers on British soil.

2015 Acura NSX serious enthusiasts, this sport sedan can be ordered with a deposit of 5,000 pounds a Rp74 million or equivalent as a sign. With the money, the buyer immediately secured the first NSX sea crossing the Atlantic.

"We are very pleased with the people's interest in the latest NSX. We will launch the next two years but we've got 20 orders in fact we have not announced the price or see the final shape of the production model," said Managing Director of Honda UK, Phil Crossman.

Although a complete specification 2015 Acura NSX unopened widely by Honda, but Honda has confirmed this sport sedan production model will use the Mid-Mounted V6 and Sport Hybrid Super Handling AWD with two electric motors.


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