97CEE3C7ECD9AA9EB36975F136FECAFA Automotive Cars In the World: Buick Riviera Concept to Appear at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show Buick Riviera Concept to Appear at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show ~ Automotive Cars In the World
Automotive manufacturer General Motors unveiled the Buick Riviera concept appearing at Shanghai Auto 2013. This two-door car is a combination of the latest technology, aesthetic beauty, and flexible function-source =. netcarshow.com
Car with gull-wing doors and electric propulsion system developed by General Motors Shanghai GM in cooperation with the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center.
Many of the visitors and journalists noticed the design and beauty of the body Buick Riviera Concept 2013 while attending the opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (AUTO Shanghai) which took place in Shanghai, China.



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