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EleMMent Palazzo | Cars Ultimate

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Home car called the Palazzo eleMMent worth about 2 million pound sterling, or about 31 billion dollars. Some car parts are coated with gold. Launched in Dubai, this car has been sold. blurbrain.com

In addition to gold, the car is also available in white. In it there is a master bedroom, 40-inch TV, a bar, a fireplace and a terrace on the roof of the car. uncrate.com

Austrian Marchi Mobile plant that produces EleMMent Palazzo offers grandeur with futuristic shapes. This car is a new class in the premium vehicle segment. picstopin.com

EleMMent Palazzo has captured the attention of rich people in Arabic. Private jet on wheels is indeed designed for wealthy families who often do business on the road, or a superstar the world while on tour. five.kz

Element wheelhouse luxurious Palazzo. This car uses engine-powered 510 hp and can run until 150km/jam. news.com.au

Master bedroom is very luxurious Palazzo Element, like room at the five-star hotel. This gold-plated mobile home has been sold in Dubai. trucktrend.com

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