97CEE3C7ECD9AA9EB36975F136FECAFA Automotive Cars In the World: sQuba | First Underwater Car in the World sQuba | First Underwater Car in the World ~ Automotive Cars In the World

Rinspeed, a Swiss company created the sQuba, the car is touted as the world's first car that can drive on land and in the water. Zcars.com.au

Three electric motor engine on car sQuba, one used on land, and the other two to float and get into the water. Seriouswheels.com

sQuba is inspired from the James Bond movie, "The Spy Who Loved Me" which was released in 1977. Seriouswheels.com

In addition to advanced can be driven on the water, the sQuba is also a car with zero emission, lithium-ion battery has three engines and electric motors. Automobilesreview.com

sQuba is able to dive to a depth of 10 meters. This car is also equipped with electric-powered propellers and two Seabob water jets. Madwhips.com

sQuba capable of traveling at 120 km / h on land, while on the water when the top speed is only about 6 km / h, and in the water 3 km / h. Automobilesreview.com


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