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British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, will launch its first hybrid hydrogen-powered cars in the world. This car could be gasoline, hydrogen, or a mixture of both (hybrid). This car will be tested in endurance racing and car 24 on the clock Nurburgring, Germany, May 19 later.Hydrogen Hybrid Cars with the name Rapide S will be a car with zero CO2 emissions in the Nurburgring 24-hour race.To produce this car, Aston Martin Works took the company hydrogen expert, Alset Global, to develop a prototype twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12. With this power, the car is based on the latest production models can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds. Best speed can reach 310 km per hour. Although not as fast as a sports car made from pure gasoline, car exhaust can not smoldering. If the use of pure hydrogen, which came out just water.Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin, Ulrich Bez, said the launch of the Rapide S Hybrid Hydrogen is also to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Aston Martin in 2013. "We wanted to combine the excitement, innovation, style, also a great time to look to the future with an amazing race car," he said.Hydrogen Hybrid system consists of a series of hydrogen fuel storage tank and engine management systems. This allows flexibility in the control of the combustion process in accordance with any specific driving modes. Wearing pure hydrogen, gasoline, or a mixture of the two can be chosen arbitrarily to obtain the optimum force, acceleration, and the reduction of CO2 emissions. This system includes four ultra high carbon fiber tank weighing 3.5 kg to store hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bar. The hydrogen system developed by Global Alset.With a power supply that is environmentally friendly Hydrogen Hybrid delivers performance sports car class, but with a carbon footprint more akin to a supermini. Hydrogen Hybrid race car is based on the model of the four-door Rapide S will be launched in the coming weeks.


  1. Car fuel is so important issue for now. Fossil fuel is harmful for environment. So this hydrogen fuel will be so helpful for environment.
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