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The Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini unveiled their latest supercar Lamborghini Veneno. Design a car worth 39 billion dollars is very focused on maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the design of the front shape caused optimal airflow.
Lamborghini Venono using 6500 cc V12 engine that produces 750 bhp and can reach speeds of 354 km / hour.

Veneno made ​​based Lamborghini Aventador, the door also. Lamborghini Veneno overall looks like a race car.

Lamborghini Veneno body is made of carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials. Based monocoque chassis Lamborghini Aventador, made ​​of aluminum on the center frame, front and rear.

Lamborghini rear Veneno equipped with fins and wings that serve to suppress the symptoms of drift on when a car driven at high speed, and at the bottom there are 4 pipes knalpot. 

Lamborghini Veneno use with 7 speed ISR transmission and 4 wheel rotation. Veneno name itself has a meaning as an aggressive bull fight.


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