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Cars with diesel engine technology in asia has its own fans. The diesel engine does have its advantages and disadvantages, when compared to gasoline engines.

As disclosed by source, Training Center Head Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, a diesel engine has the advantage also has its drawbacks as well.

Advantages of diesel engines, among others, have considerable thermal efficiency. This makes the fuel consumption of a diesel engine is more efficient than the gasoline engine.

Diesel engines are also more durable because it does not require electric or Igniter plugs for combustion processes. This shows to find the problem on a common rail diesel engine is smaller than a gasoline engine.

For a Momen alone, diesel engines do not change at a broad level the speed level.

=> Excess diesel engines do exist on fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. But there are also drawbacks to machine vibration and noise, "said Reiner Tandiono, Training center in Isuzu, purple cottage, Bekasi, West Java.

Another shortcoming is the diesel engine maximum combustion pressure nearly doubled petrol engine, so the diesel engine noise and vibration greater.

Due to the higher combustion pressures, then the diesel engine must be made with materials that withstand high pressure and elect a strong structure. Diesel engines also have fuel injection systems require precision.

Diesel engines also have a higher compression ratio and requires a larger force to rotate the starter motor diesel engine.

But now with common rail diesel engine technology, such as sound and vibration shortage greater than the diesel engine will be much reduced, "added Reiner.

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